Zambia and Israel— An amazing trip!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your generous financial gifts toward our AbAnon trip to Zambia and Israel. Our team arrived safely home late Friday night and in short—the trip was amazing!

We spent five days in Zambia, Africa and stayed in the home of our hosts the Mwansa family. Barbra Mwansa is the President of Association for Life of Africa ( She oversees 217 pregnancy resource centers in 16 African countries.

In Zambia, we trained about 40 people over a two-day period. About 10 of these were pastors from around the country. Others were directors and workers at pregnancy resource centers in Zambia. Some traveled as far away as 1200 KM. The wife of one of the provincial chieftains also attended with the intent to take the curriculum back to her people. The Zambians’ reaction to the training was profound!

In Zambia, they estimate that 9 out of 10 women are post-abortive. Abortion is viewed as a means of birth control in order to “space their children” in a way that’s most convenient for them. But we learned that the pain, shame, guilt, and self-destructive behaviors that the post-abortive in America experience are the same in Zambia. But Zambia had no post-abortive healing curricula whatsoever, so AbAnon is very needed!

After the training, one pastor was deeply moved. He declared, “My life has been changed! I need to go to my congregation and apologize for not speaking about abortion and sexual abuse in our church. By avoiding those topics, I realize now that I’ve unintentionally sanctioned them.”

Another pastor just emailed us with the following: “I have shared your [AbAnon] videos to 55 women and the response is overwhelming. Am praying to have a meeting with them before Christmas if all falls in line. Keep praying for us. Keddy is a young woman has gone through two abortions and two failed marriages. After watching the videos, she cried and shouted ‘AbAnon, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?’”

And shortly after arriving in Israel, we learned that two of the men in Zambia who were in our training, were already on their way to Nigeria to train people there in the AbAnon curriculum!

Israel-Participants-webWe also stayed five days in Israel. We learned there that abortion is rampant. Military service is compulsory in Israel for both men and women. While women are in the military, they are offered up to three free abortions.

In Israel we trained about 35 people, most of them women. We only had one pastor attend the training even though many pastors had been invited. Unfortunately, the pastors consider this a “women’s issue,” so didn’t see the need to get involved.

The one pastor who did attend was there grudgingly as his wife made him come. But after a short time into the training, he was won over and recognized the tremendous need for healing in Israel and in his own congregation. By the afternoon, he was feverishly taking notes and we enjoyed a great time of fellowship over dinner that evening with him and his wife.

In both countries, we experienced the presence and power of the Holy Spirit as He moved in our hearts and among those we had the privilege of ministering to.

Thank you so much again for making this trip possible!

Your brother in Christ, Rob Fischer
Member, AbAnon Board of Directors

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