Volunteers are Stepping Up

VolunteersApproximately thirty people have been performing various volunteer services with AbAnon during our first two years, donating hundreds of hours! These volunteers include our Board of Directors, curriculum writers and translators, Group Facilitators, Facilitator Trainers and many more. As AbAnon continues to grow it is apparent that more volunteers are needed and that the volunteer activity needs more oversight and structure. On June 24th ten people attended the very first AbAnon Volunteer Orientation where Kathy Olsen was introduced as our Volunteer Coordinator.

Kathy presented a list of volunteer positions:

  • Prayer Team Leader
  • Monthly Newsletter Writer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Survey Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator/Editor
  • Post Office and Banking
  • Translation Coordinator
  • New Chapter Coordinator
  • Video Production
  • Liaison to Church Community
  • Liaison to the Medical Community
  • Liaison to the Mental Health Community
  • Liaison to Women Prison Ministries
  • Liaison to Pregnancy Resource Centers
  • Liaison to Women’s Shelters/Assistance Programs

Thank you to all who have stepped up to serve. There are plenty of opportunities as many of these positions remain open!  Please join us to pray that we find the right people to volunteer in these ways.
Perry Underwood, Director

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