The Power of THEIR Story

The Power of THEIR Story

how-to-shoot-video-9-650-80For the past three years we have been laying the foundation for AbAnon. We have organized as a non-profit and assembled a highly energetic and knowledgeable Board of Directors. Dozens of volunteers have emerged who are passionate about our mission. A reliable group of partners has stepped up to meet our basic financial needs each month. We have witnessed lives transformed as eight AbAnon Groups have met using the Women’s curriculum completed about a year and a half ago. (It is now available in six languages and our first AbAnon Group in Ukraine will begin November 19th.) The AbAnon Men’s curriculum is written and in the process of being reviewed by five post-abortive men. We plan to launch a men’s pilot group in January. I could go on and on about what is happening.

As exciting as all this is, the best part so far just occurred in the past couple of weeks. Arlene Roberts, one of our volunteers, contacted some of the women who had gone through an AbAnon Group to see if any might be willing to share their story on video. Ten women agreed. Ben Hinson, another volunteer, arranged the use of a studio, coordinated the technicalities, and rounded up a couple of professional videographers to volunteer their time.

In the video, I asked each of these ten women twelve questions. There was not a dry eye in the room as they told their stories about the emotional pain they experienced after their abortion and the role faith and AbAnon have played in their forgiveness, healing and freedom. I will never forget this experience.

I have never doubted that the work being done by AbAnon is desperately needed in our world today. But if there ever was any doubt, shooting those videos has forever erased it. I am eagerly awaiting their completion so we can share them with you and with the world.

Our work at AbAnon is only possible because of people who freely give their time and resources and who share our desire to see our world changed one life at a time.  On behalf of the men and women whose lives have and will be radically changed…Thank you.

Perry Underwood – Director

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