The Faces of AbAnon

As AbAnon continues to grow, our Board of Directors began a search to find someone to work in the Spokane area. This would enable me to focus on introducing AbAnon into other areas of the USA and abroad. Eventually, we hired two women to serve as part-time Co-Directors for the Spokane area. We introduced Julie Stumbo in March and now I am pleased to introduce Lisa Cinq-Mars. -Perry Underwood, Executive Director


LisaThree years ago on the Bloomsday trail I passed awful Pro-Life posters and knew I was being called to help the post-abortive. I had no idea how or where to start or what exactly to do (except pray) until two months later when Life Services gave a presentation at Summit Church. I learned they had an arm of their ministry to help the post-abortive.

When I explained to the volunteer coordinator at Life Services my desire/calling, she directed me to AbAnon, Abortion Anonymous, a new organization offering a free eight-week class to facilitate healing. I knew, through a great deal of previous work, that I was forgiven for my decision to have an abortion. What I did not know was that many of the decisions I made since then were symptoms of the shame and guilt I was still carrying in my soul. I knew I was forgiven by God, but I did not know how to accept that forgiveness and let it change me.

AbAnon helped me connect the dots through documented research about Post Abortion Stress Syndrome and the intimate sharing of stories through the Power of Your Story curriculum. For me, those dots consisted of addiction, depression, and more to the point, anger. My sweet, God-given family suffered from my then unexplainable outbursts and rage. In AbAnon, I learned how what I was still struggling with was a deep-seated belief that I was unworthy of anything good – especially beautiful, perfect children – because of what I had done. I am now set free and so grateful to have been given this opportunity to heal.

I became completely committed to being a part of offering this healing to everyone, male and female, willing to take the brave step toward releasing the shame and guilt of abortion. This is my life’s work and I am excited to be a part of the organization that will revolutionize the way we view human life and exposing the truth about the real consequences of abortion.

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