The Champions

Group Celebration

Several months ago a Spokane area Pastor and I had lunch together.  He was familiar with AbAnon but wanted to learn more about the organization.  After sharing 10 Keys to an Effective Post-Abortion Ministry/ Outreach with him, he seemed eager to get the ball rolling. But there was a problem!  He told me that before any new ministry or service was offered to his congregation he had to find someone within his church to be “a champion” for that ministry or service.  He and his staff were just too busy trying to keep up with what was already in place.

From that conversation the idea of The AbAnon Champion was born; here is the definition:

“An Abanon Champion is an individual (or couple) with a strong commitment to a local church, operating under the authority of the leadership of that church, who will purposefully provide awareness regarding the emotional harm caused by abortion and sexual abuse, and provide a path for healing for those affected.”

Last month we had two groups take our very first AbAnon Champion Training.  In these two groups we had 15 people participate representing 13 churches.  The participants were empowered with the means and tools necessary to have two intentional conversations each month that deal with the topics of abortion and sexual abuse, topics which have historically been taboo within most churches.

If you would like to know more about being an AbAnon Champion within your church please contact us at:  Thank you for your continued support of AbAnon, Perry Underwood – Director

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