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setting-a-cairnAbout two years ago, we were in desperate need of funding and I had just made several appeals, a few of which were positive but most were not.  When the answer was negative, I responded with, “I understand” or, “That’s Okay” but in my heart I really didn’t, and it really wasn’t.  I was new to the non-profit world and never imagined that fundraising would be so incredibly difficult.

I remember driving down the road and crying out to God, “I HATE fundraising…” while in the same breath  saying, “…but I LOVE sharing our vision and telling the stories of lives that have been changed!”  The very next instant was a “God moment.” I felt the Holy Spirit responding to my earnest and desperate cry with, “Well duh! Stop trying to raise money and just share the vision I’ve given you.  Let ME take care of the money.”

What a liberating experience for me!  Now I have stopped assuming responsibility for raising the money we need to run this organization. I share the vision and when people get genuinely excited about AbAnon they are eager to help however they are able.

One of our Board members recently asked me to write out our vision for a project she was working on and it occurred to me it is worth including in this newsletter.  So once again I have the privilege of doing what I love to do— sharing the AbAnon vision.

Our vision is that someday AbAnon chapters will be in every major city throughout the world to provide freedom and healing to those suffering from the emotional pain, guilt and shame caused by abortion.  It is estimated that over one billion people world-wide have been involved in an abortion and eighty thousand just here in the Spokane area.  It is our hope that by helping women and men find the courage to share their stories of how abortion has affected them, abortion will someday cease.  While the AbAnon curriculum works extremely well for those within the faith community it is uniquely targeted to those outside the faith community as a means of encountering God in a way that they may otherwise never have.

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