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A few months ago I met with the AbAnon/SAVAnon Leadership Team to discuss strategic planning.  Like any NPO, we have several staffing needs but very limited resources.  “Which position should we fill next?” I asked.  We all agreed that it should be the Development Director position.

In January we launched a capital campaign to raise money to pay a Development Director salary. Within a few weeks we had enough funding that we felt confident to begin searching for the right candidate to fit our needs. I am pleased to announce, as of May 18, 2020, Rachel Bren is the Development Director for AbAnon/SAVAnon.

RachelBrenRachel comes to us from Life Services where she has been their Volunteer Coordinator. For many years, AbAnon/SAVAnon has had an incredible partnership with Life Services in Spokane, WA. They are an amazing organization. As a pregnancy resource center, Life Services refers dozens of post-abortive and sexually abused women to us each year.

Serving as the Life Services Volunteer Coordinator, Rachel often referred potential volunteers who were post-abortive or sexually abused, making certain that candidates had properly dealt with their experience before trying to serve others.  But as Rachel tells it,

“I felt like a hypocrite.  Here I was referring women to SAVAnon when I had my own sexual abuse story and I had never gone through the group that I was making them go through. Of course, I thought I was FINE, which now I believe is a huge lie that the enemy wants us all to believe, but going through a SAVAnon group I realized how much negative influence my abuse was having on my life.  Because of SAVAnon and God’s work in me I am forever changed.”

Even though Rachel was extremely happy in her job at Life Services, after completing her SAVAnon group she felt that AbAnon/SAVAnon was an organization she HAD to be a part of. When she heard about the Development Director position, she applied.

I am thrilled to have Rachel on our team. She has all the essential gifting necessary to perform the duties of the Director of Development position. At AbAnon/SAVAnon, we’re into storytelling … we tell the stories and allow the Holy Spirit to do the fundraising. Rachel has the passion and enthusiasm to tell our stories well. You’ll be hearing more from her in the future. This is great news.  Welcome aboard Rachel.

Together in His service,
Perry Underwood, Executive Director

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