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A few days ago I was getting a haircut. In the usual course of making casual conversation, the hairstylist, a woman whom I had never met before, asked about my line of employment. Being intentionally vague I replied, “I’m the Director of a non-profit organization.”  She eventually got around to asking what NPO I worked for which opened the door for me to share with her the mission of AbAnon.

The stylist went on and on about how wonderful she thought our work is and how badly needed it is.  “Not every woman has dealt with her abortion as well as I have,” she said. Looking directly into the eyes of this young woman with an obvious weight problem, I agreed with her. “You are absolutely correct, most women have never properly processed their abortion and suffer silently in pain.  Many will medicate that pain with drugs, alcohol, food, gambling or a host of other unhealthy behaviors.  And most women never make the connection between their abortion and their unhealthy behavior.

I’m not saying that this woman’s eating habits are a result of being post-abortive, or that every behavioral issue stems from an abortion, but I have yet to find a post-abortive person who doesn’t have (or hasn’t had) a major behavioral issue that needs to be (or has been) dealt with through their healing process.

Getting people started on that healing process is why we’re here.

Perry Underwood – Executive Director

News & Updates

Our financial base has been steadily growing since AbAnon received its tax exempt 501(c)(3) status right at one year ago but donations in June were about half of what we’d seen in recent months . We will never pressure or brow-beat people for money but if you’ve made a pledge to AbAnon or have been thinking about becoming a financial partner, now would be a great time to go online and make that donation:   Whether they be large or small, we are grateful for all donations.

Thanks to all who signed up for the Amazon Smile program. As one reader graciously pointed out you must search for Abortion Anonymous rather than AbAnon when signing up at


You Can Help

Please remember AbAnon in your prayers as we are in the midst of developing our material for men.

Correspondence or checks can be mailed to:
Abortion Anonymous
PO Box 11664
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Or email correspondence to:

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