Back in Full Swing

It is hard to believe that summer is winding down and fall will soon be upon us. The work of AbAnon continued throughout the summer but many of our Facilitators took a well-deserved break.  Most of our AbAnon groups will be starting again in September and October.  If you or someone you know has experienced an abortion this would be a great time to encourage them to sign up for one of our groups.

AbAnon began almost four years ago in Spokane, WA and has held Post-Abortion healing groups there for two-and-a-half years. We continue to expand into other areas. AbAnon groups are up and running, or soon to be, in 5 states in the USA and in the country of Ukraine.  Our brochure is available in nine languages and our women’s curriculum is available in six languages thanks to the efforts of several volunteers.

At AbAnon, our hope is to someday have AbAnon chapters in every major city throughout the world.  It is a huge dream that will take years but the need is definitely there.

Jennifer'sStoryIn our last newsletter I shared a couple of videos from women who had participated in an AbAnon group.  Here is another story I think you will enjoy:
(Jennifer’s Story)

Here are a few ways you can partner with us:

  1. We are in need of a videographer who can edit video that has already been shot.
  2. We could use help translating our material, especially French, German, Polish and Italian.
  3. We could use help transcribing the stories on our videos so that they can be translated.
  4. Join our Prayer Team
  5. Support AbAnon when you shop on Amazon:
  6. Support AbAnon when you shop at Fred Meyer: (Organization #87222)
  7. Monthly financial partnership:

Thank you for your continued support of AbAnon.
–Perry Underwood, Director

News & Updates

The very first AbAnon Group for men was scheduled to begin July 20th but a serious boating accident involving one of the Facilitators has delayed the start date until sometime in September. There are a couple of openings still available so please contact us if you would like to participate in this historic event.

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