AbAnon is Headed to Zambia & Israel

africa-globe-webA few months ago we were contacted by Associates For Life Africa (AFLA) about helping them with post-abortion healing for women and men.  Headquartered in Kitwe, Zambia, AFLA is an association of 217 Pregnancy Resource Centers throughout 16 African nations.  After several weeks of discussions, AbAnon leadership decided that helping AFLA would be a worthy use of our resources and efforts.

Just before we purchased our plane tickets for the trip to Africa, we were also invited to help an organization in Israel develop a more inclusive post-abortion model for pregnancy centers throughout the Holy Land. Imagine that…being invited to Israel to do the very same thing that we are planning to do in Zambia!

A quick call to the travel agent modified our itinerary to include a 5-day tour through Jerusalem. It added nothing to the cost of the trip; adding on the time in Israel was a no-brainer.

On November 18th the four-person AbAnon Team consisting of Scott & Cindy Crawford, Rob Fischer and myself will spend five days in Zambia then head on to Jerusalem for five more days. We will meet with area pastors and provide comprehensive training for pregnancy center leaders and staff as to how to effectively reach the post-abortive and sexually abused within their communities. The team returns to Spokane November 30th.

Our hosts are helping with the costs as much as they’re able, but as you might imagine, this trip will cost AbAnon several thousand dollars. We humbly request your prayers and any financial assistance you are able to provide.  To join our prayer team send us an email to joinus@abanon.org.  To donate click here

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