AbAnon in Europe



My recent trip to Ukraine greatly surpassed all hopes and expectations. I had the most gracious hosts, Ruslan and Sharyn Borodin, YWAM Missionaries based in Ternopil. They requested that I visit Ukraine with the purpose of establishing AbAnon Chapters there. Before I arrived they called dozens of people who they thought might be interested in learning about AbAnon. They also set up an introductory meeting and a half-day of training for anyone interested in starting an AbAnon Chapter or group. Before I left on this trip I told the Borodins that if we had three or four women attend our training I would be elated.

To make a long story short, nineteen women attended the training and combined with the informational meeting the prior evening, a total of twenty-six Ukrainian women attended the two AbAnon sessions. An AbAnon Ukrainian Leadership Team is in place and the work required for AbAnon to get up and running is well under way. AbAnon is desperately needed in this nation where an estimated 75% of women have had an abortion; the average number of abortions per woman is six.

From the Ukraine, I traveled to England and attended a conference near London where I had the opportunity to share AbAnon with missionaries from sixteen European nations. As a result of these connections AbAnon now has a solid foothold in Europe and I’m excited to see what lies ahead.

Thank you all for your prayers and the financial support to make this happen.

Perry Underwood – Director

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