Abanon for Men

When I was in Europe recently, I met with quite a few people working within organizations involved in addiction recovery, family counseling and post-abortion healing. As I explained how AbAnon Women’s Curriculum, The Power of Your Story, could be a powerful tool in helping these professionals serve their communities, I was quite surprised at how often they asked, “How soon will you have material for post-abortive men?”

I am pleased to announce the publication of the first of two AbAnon books written for men. Unlike other material written on the topic of past abortions, this book deals with a variety of subjects that men struggle with, abortion being one of them. A second book for men, similar to the AbAnon Women’s Curriculum, will soon follow.

The_Big_GameThis first book for men is titled, The Big Game: Things Men Should Talk About But Rarely Do.  It is written FOR MEN ONLY.  Copies can be obtained on Amazon.com or by clicking on this link: The Big Game.  The Big Game presents post-abortion and several other men’s issues in a unique and entertaining way. A benefit to any man who reads it, it is a must read for any man who has been involved in an abortion.

I encourage you (men) to order a copy for yourselves or, if you’re a woman, order copies for the important men in your life. All profits from the sales of The Big Game go directly to the operational budget of AbAnon.

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