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A Unique AbAnon Group

At AbAnon we have the privilege of working with Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) throughout the world, but none is more valuable than the relationship we have with Life Services/MyChoice Clinic in Spokane, WA, the same city where AbAnon is based.

AbAnon is part of Life Services/MyChoice post-abortion recovery program. An AbAnon Group was held for Life Services/MyChoice staff and volunteers to aid them to better understand and serve abortion vulnerable and abortion-minded clients of MyChoice. That Group was a success on so many levels both for the four post-abortive facilitators who were willing to hold the class and the participants who had never experienced an abortion.

One of the main outcomes of this class was to answer questions behind what drives women to pursue abortion and explore the underlying life situations and social pressures involved. Here are a few quotes from the participants on the impact of the class:

  • “I have a greater understanding of the feelings and circumstances of some who choose abortion and the pain, regret, shame they feel afterwards.”
  • “It showed me that sometimes a woman has an abortion out of mercy for her child.”
  • “My perspective is broader now. I don’t think I realized before the class how narrow my view was.”

On the question of would you recommend this class to other Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

  • “Yes. With a deeper understanding of “why” women choose this, it will make it easier to relate to the women we see at the Clinic.”

Reactions from some of the facilitators of the Group indicated that sharing their story helped participants dispel past misunderstandings of the “why” women chose abortions and help them be better prepared to understand and assist those considering abortion.

The Power of Your Story curriculum is designed to heal together and then be able to help others reach a level of healing together. We believe this Group made that possible for a broader audience and are grateful for the opportunity.

Thank you for your continued support of AbAnon.
Perry Underwood – Director

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