2020 … Now What?

I heard someone refer to 2020 as “The Year of Perfect Vision.” I thought that was pretty clever and that I should find a way to incorporate the “perfect vision’ theme into the AbAnon/SAVAnon Strategic Plan that I’m in the process of writing. But the more I thought about this the more hopeless the idea became; my vision is far from perfect.

The truth is that much of what has been done through AbAnon/SAVAnon I did not “see” coming. Yes, as an organization we have been faithful to prayerfully develop and implement the plans that we believe to be prudent and wise and often things work out just as planned. But we have also seen plans turn out to be nothing like what was anticipated. This is true both ways. Ideas that we thought were great have flopped and ideas that were skeptically implemented have turned into huge successes.

So here we are at the beginning of another new year and another new decade. It is time to be introspective and ask a couple of questions. What are three things we have done well in 2019?

  • Launch of On-line Groups. Skype Groups have been a phenomenal success in terms of serving post-abortive women around the USA. But we’re learning that we need to develop better systems to support and train these Skype Group Facilitators who are scattered throughout our nation. AbAnon Skype Groups for men and SAVAnon Skype Groups are to be introduced in 2020.
  • The launch of SAVAnon has proven to be a huge success as well. SAVAnon for men will be available soon.
  • Facilitator Training. Thanks to the efforts of our leadership team our training is very professional and thorough. Our plan is to have all of our training on video in 2020.

What are three things that we could do better?

  • Manage Volunteers. Many of the people who have offered to be volunteers for AbAnon/SAVAnon have not become engaged with the organization. At the same time we seem to be overworking, to the point of burnout, many of the volunteers that have proven themselves capable. A remedy to this needs to be a priority in 2020.
  • Presenting Hope. It is great to talk about the hundreds of men and women that AbAnon & SAVAnon Groups have set on a path to healing, but for every individual that participates in one of our groups three others, who have asked for help, never responded to our follow-up or just didn’t show up when their group began.  We must find better ways to communicate the hope that is available.
  • Telling our Stories. Through the people behind AbAnon & SAVAnon God is writing some great stories. We need to find more effective and strategic ways to tell those stories in 2020 and beyond.

At AbAnon/SAVAnon we believe that reaching the post-abortive and the sexually abused is the greatest life-transforming opportunity of our generation.

Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support of AbAnon/SAVAnon.
Perry Underwood
Executive Director

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