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Exciting Things for 2016

January calendar page

I  love the beginning of a new year. It is a time to reflect on the blessings of the previous year and to assess where improvements can be made.  As Executive Director, I often feel pulled in many directions, but I prayerfully endeavor to use my time and the AbAnon resources in the most efficient manner.

Under the direction and encouragement of our Board of Directors, the bulk of my time and AbAnon resources will be focused on four tasks in 2016:

  • Preparing the AbAnon material for Men
  • Establishing as many AbAnon Chapters as possible
  • Translating the AbAnon Women’s material into as many languages as possible
  • Adding staff to our team

Each of these tasks has its own plan and strategy, but one observation about them all is that none can be accomplished without the assistance of those who believe in what we are doing— people like you.

I plan to address each of these tasks in the coming months and will provide you with very simple ways you can help— doing things that could greatly impact the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people. For example, we are looking for someone to help us translate our women’s material into Spanish. If you or someone you know is fluent in Spanish, I would love to meet with you or this person to determine their level of interest and ability.  The more people we can find to help with this task the easier it will be for all involved.

More ideas to follow in the coming months.
Perry Underwood – Director


January 16th will be our next Facilitator Training and it will be held in Spokane, WA.  If you have interest in attending this training send an email to  for details.  Training is free for those attending thanks to the generosity of our financial partners.

Rejoicing when someone has been freed from the emotional trauma of abortion is a great reason to celebrate.  AbAnon will be hosting our Spring Celebration on April 30th.  Please mark your calendar and plan on joining us.  Invitations will be sent out later this year.